Results-Driven Process

Our team of experts work with B2B businesses to help them stand out in their market, through the power of Story-Driven Marketing.

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A logo of one of our clients - Beard & Bowler

How we helped Beard & Bowler generate $350,000 in new revenue: 

Beard & Bowler came to us because they were struggling to get themselves in front of their target audience. In just 12 months of working together we helped them: 

✓ Sign $350,000 of new business.
✓ Amass 800K+ impressions for the company.
✓ Grow Jason's (founder) personal brand to 9K+ followers.

All 100% attributed to our work.

How Dr. Will's garnered 30,000+ followers in just 8 months:

When Dr. Will's came to us they had 2 main aims for working together:

1) Make sure people knew their story
2) Connect with their customer base on a deeper level

Today, just 8 months into our partnership we have helped Dr.Will's:

✓ Amass 2.5M+ views across LinkedIn.
✓ Garner 30k+ followers across their founder profiles.
✓ And become industry leaders in their space.

As well as giving them a chance to obtain vital customer feedback right from the source.

The logo of one of our clients - Dr. Will's
The logo of one of our clients - Georgia St John-Smith

How we helped Sancti amass 6.2M+ views in just 6 months:

After just 6 months of working together we were able to help Sancti's founder, Georgia:

✓ Build a 25,000+ community on LinkedIn.
✓ Amass 6.2M+ views on her profile.
✓ Sell-out multiple retreats.

As well as becoming an industry leader in the space.When Georgia came to us she wanted to stand out in a very competitive wellness retreats space.

How Brad became the UK's No.1 Motivational Business Speaker:

When Brad came to us he was already the King Of Networking, but he was on a mission to become the UK's No.1 Motivational Speaker.

Brad had an amazing story, so to achieve his goal, all he we had to do was tell it!

12 months later, Brad had:

✓ 17K+ followers on LinkedIn.
✓ 3000+ subscribers to his email list.
✓ 4M+ views across his LinkedIn.

As well as a booked up calendar for speaking gigs including events in: Las Vegas, Bulgaria, and more.

The logo of one of our clients - Brad Burton

How we helped Team Hustle add £7.5k to their MRR in just 6 weeks:

Team Hustle came to us because they wanted to leverage LinkedIn to generate leads for their B2B business. At the time they were getting good results for their clients, but simply didn’t have enough eyes on their business and weren’t seen as authorities in their space.

We worked with them to use story across both founder's LinkedIn accounts and almost instantly leads started to come through the door.

In just the first 6 weeks we helped them:

✓ Generate £7500 in MRR.
✓ Book 25+ calls.
✓ Get 477,164 views.

All directly from their LinkedIn.

How we helped Alphagenix get nearly 1 million eyes on their founder and the business:

Ross has been an established founder and investor for 17+ years. When he came to us he wanted to try a different approach to getting more eyes on himself and his business.

Since then we’ve helped Ross:

✓ Grown his Linkedin following to 15,000.
✓ Get just under 1M+ views on his content.
✓ Become a true thought leader in his space.

How we helped Marie-Helene build her online presence while publishing her first book:

When Marie-Helene came to us she was looking to build her online presence as her book launch was approaching. She had an amazing story and a huge backlog of credibility, so all we had to do was help her talk about it.

Since then we’ve helped Marie-Helene:

✓ Garner 100,000 views in 90 days.
✓ Gain 1000+ followers.
✓ Get her book bought by Barnes & Noble.

How we helped Burgess Group Capital sign a 9-figure real estate deal: 

Burgess Group Capital came to us when they were struggling to position themselves as authorities in their industry.

Since working with us:

✓ Signed a 9-figure real estate deal.
✓ Connected with various family offices.
✓ Grew founder LinkedIn profile to 7,500.

How we helped OPTO go viral on LinkedIn:

When Opto came to us they were struggling with brand awareness and were only getting leads through word of mouth and referrals. Our job was to get as many eyes on them as possible - and that's exactly what we did.

In just week 3 we had a post get:

✓ 750,000+ impressions.
✓ 1,400+ engagements.

How we helped Dips Patel get 1.6 million eyes on his personal brand:

When Dips (CEO of KitKing) came to us he had big ambitions of becoming a thought leader within his industry. 12 months later, it's safe to say he's achieved that goal.

Some stats:

✓ Gained 7000+ Linkedin followers.
✓ Garnered over 1.6M impressions on his content.
✓ Signed deals with multiple industry titans.

How we helped Harriet Hayes go from 0 to 5,000 followers in 3 weeks:

When Harriet came to us she was looking to stand out on LinkedIn and get eyes on herself and her business. She had a great story, so all we had to do was tell it.

In just 3 weeks we helped Harriet:

✓ Gain 5000+ LinkedIn followers.
✓ Receive 1M+ impressions.
✓ Sign 3+ people to her high-ticket offer.

How we helped Faith get 250k impressions & sign multiple clients in 2 months:

Faith Concierge got in touch with us as they wanted to sign more corporate clients and appeal to more of a corporate audience.

Since then we’ve helped them:

✓ Grown their Linkedin following to 8,000+.
✓ Garner 250,000 impressions in 8 weeks.
✓ Sign multiple corporate clients.

How we helped Signum Aviation nurture 3000+

When Signum Aviation came to us they already had a plethora of leads, however, they were struggling to nurture these leads into signing on the dotted line.

Since then we’ve helped Signum:

✓ Nurture 3000+ prospects.
✓ Maintain a 4% MoM open rate increase.
✓ Capture 200+ hot leads.

How we helped Ruben Hassid nurture 15,000+  AI enthusiasts :

When Ruben came to us he had 200,000+  followers online and wanted to begin nurturing his audience through an email newsletter.

In just 4 weeks we were able to help Ruben:

✓ Ideate, design, and launch his newsletter.
✓ Get 16,000+ people into the newsletter.
✓ Maintain a 55% open rate.

Hear what our clients had to say:

Differentiate your business through the one thing no one can copy - your story.